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Baby Sidney...

I was very excited to find out that my wife was pregnant for the first time but I was also very apprehensive about what was to come. Pharmacy school didn’t exactly specialize in this area of health care, so I thought to myself, what do I know about pregnancy and  labor?

My wife and I knew Danielle and we wanted to find out how she could make child birth a less anxious time for us. I found Danielle very  helpful in all the stages of labor. From having her come to the house and staying with us until it was time to go to the hospital to having her there when Sidney was born.

I never felt that I was being ‘replaced’ having Danielle there, there was more than enough for me to do. As a father-to-be, she was a big help in letting me know what I could do to make the labor go as smooth as possible and be as big of an asset to my wife as possible. In the end, Danielle made me that much more helpful to my wife, which both she and I are very thankful for.



Baby Sadren...

We found out about our pregnancy at a very surprising time in our life. We were so excited and overwhelmed with all the changes the year of 2007 would now bring us. Knowing that God always has a plan for us, we continued in our faith and journey to becoming parents.


Sebastian and I have known Theresa for many years and definitely wanted her Doula support for our birth experience. We really appreciated her pre-natal support with her visits to our home to relax our fears and prepare us for the whole labor and delivery experience.


The day had finally come, and with a little denial on my part, and the soft persuasion on Theresa’s part, we were off to the hospital to find that I was already 5 centimeters dilated. That took up the whole morning, and we spent the whole afternoon laboring in the hospital. I found myself to be very relaxed, which is not like me. She constantly suggested different birthing positions. She was so supportive and patient with me. From the little prayer in the bathroom when I felt I could not go any further, to holding my hips through my contractions. She was an amazing support, and I know I would have had a very hard time, had she not have been there.


I remember the last few hours were very tough as the contractions got stronger, and it became time to start pushing the baby out.

Her support during this time was the most crucial to me. The constant coaching, and knowing just what I needed, from a cool cloth to having something to drink, was just what I needed.


I am so grateful to have had Theresa there with me during my labor and delivery. I really wanted a natural childbirth, with no medication, no epidural and no cesarean. I believe that having her there to keep me focused, calm and relaxed, really helped that come true.


If we ever have the opportunity to have more children, I’m definitely booking her in again!!!


Irene Hauk

Baby Alexandros...

When we found out we were expecting, we were overjoyed and couldn't wait until our little one would join our family. I knew right away that I wanted the support of a doula during labor, but my husband was hesitant. He was concerned that the presence of a doula might diminish his role in bring baby into the world. When Theresa came to our home to explain the role of a doula, however, he became much more at ease. Prior to the birth of our baby Theresa came to our home twice to discuss our thoughts about labor, practice some labor positions, and answer any questions we might have.

When it was time for baby to arrive, I had to be induced due to high blood pressure. This Meant that labor was not going to be midical intervention-free as we had hoped. Despite things not going as we had discussed, Theresa continued to provide support and answer questions. Even though I am a healthcare professional, I do not work in the area of childbirth. Theresa was able to act as a liaison between us and the nurses who cared for us, suggesting comfort measures and position changess that could be done within the confines of being constantly monitored.

Theresa was a support to both my husband and myself during the entire labor process, providing calm suggestions to help me keep going, and to help my husband help me. Through several hours of pushing, whien I was exhausted, Theresa kept me going and focused on the baby we would soon have. Again, things did not go as planned, and the medical staff decided a vacuum extraction would be necessary. However, once we were moved into the area where this would occur, again Theresa's support helped keep us going, and Alexander was born without the use of the vacuum. I will never forget Theresa saying to me "I can see your baby's head!"

After birth Theresa continued to be a support, helping to get breastfeeding going as soon as it was possible, and visited us at home to answer any further questions we might have.

Despite my husband's initial reservations, we both feel that having Theresa's support at Alexander's birth was the best decision we made regarding the birth of our baby. Her support helped keep both of us sane and focused in the face of exhaustion, and unexpected medical intervention that was unavoidable. We can't thank her enough for her support. And for the next one we will be calling Theresa!

Lesley and Dimitrios Cotsianis

Baby Aleksa...

A few years ago, before we were even considering children, my friend told me she was hiring a doula for the birth of her first child.  I thought, “What the heck is that?” and figured I’d never be one to have a “stranger” in the delivery room with me.  But here we are 5 years after that first introduction to doulas and I’m writing a testimonial about my own experience with one! 

A friend of mine had hired Theresa and talked very positively about the experience.  We had just found out we were expecting so I listened closely to what she described.  I found that I was starting to like the idea of having a knowledgeable person with us but was wondering how my husband would feel.  Would he feel like I wasn’t confident in his ability?  Would he feel replaced?  Or that he wasn’t needed?  I discussed the idea with Miguel and he agreed to meet with Theresa to get more information.  Well, at the end of that meeting he was quick to say, “Whom do we make the cheque out to?”  The decision was made; we were going to hire a doula!

Theresa was available throughout my pregnancy. She met with us twice to go over birthing techniques and pain management techniques and gave us a package of information we could refer to whenever we wanted.  I could call her whenever I had questions and this was a big help.  She even had a list of things to pack for the hospital - that was nice since I wasn’t sure what I should bring. 

When the due date (June 2nd) was coming closer Theresa called me to see how things were going.  We discussed my doctor appointments and as the due date came and went she gave me encouragement and advice.  Finally the big day arrived.  I called Theresa to let her know that contractions started and she reminded me to eat, drink lots of water, to go for walks but also to rest.  As the day went on and the contractions started becoming more frequent and stronger we called Theresa to ask her to come over.  She got to our house in a half hour.  We stayed at home for a while and soon the time came to go to the hospital.  Theresa helped me remain calm and was a huge help throughout.  Miguel never once felt replaced; instead he said that he was grateful for her extra help.  Never once did I have to wait for anything.  As soon as a contraction started Theresa was right there ready to rub my back or do the double hip squeeze.  I didn’t ever have to say I was having a contraction, please help, she just knew and did her thing. She and Miguel tag teamed up to bring me water, cold clothes, rub my back, whatever I needed.  Theresa encouraged me the whole way through.  My baby was face up which meant a lot of pushing and I don’t think I could’ve done it without the encouragement from both Theresa and Miguel.  I’m so thankful for all her help.  The result was a drug free labour, which is what I had been hoping for.  Theresa stayed with us for a while afterwards and even helped me breastfeed our baby for the first time. 

If we are fortunate enough to have another child we will definitely be calling Theresa again! 


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